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FACT: There is a strong trend toward inhome shopping.
>> With both husband and wife working, people have less free time to shop. <<
>> Rapid delivery services allow people to receive their purchases quickly. <<
>> Costumer Satisfaction Guarantees remove the risk of shopping from home. <<

FACT: The old channels of distribution are inefficient and costly.
>> A more direct route to the consumer reduces the amount of cost of the 'middle men'. <<
>> This cost saving is available for bonuses to those who participate in this business opportunity. <<

FACT: People are looking for alternative sources of income.
>> For many, job security is a thing of the past:
layoffs and downsizing are commonplace as corporations use them to improve the bottom line and enhance their value on Wall Street. <<
>> Others would just like additional income to ease some financial pressure or allow them to do things, like start retirement fund or take nicer vacations. <<

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